Retail EASE

Apperian's EASE (Enterprise App Services Environment) provides enterprise developers with the ability to create secure apps that can be distributed, updated, managed, and provisioned for an entire organization.

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Enterprise IT has the control needed in large organizations, while providing users with a familiar application interface from which to choose applications, view additional application information, and access app-related training materials such as PDF files and videos.

Enterprise Developers are provided an SDK enabling them to ensure that users are authenticated and authorized. In addition, apps using the SDK are able to benefit from automated update checking.

EASE also provides developers with a great way to manage ad-hoc delivery of apps during testing of in-house apps during the development process.

Enterprise Developer Benefits

With EASE, Enterprise Developers have the ability to:

  • Create secure apps with the EASE SDK
  • Integrate Authentication and Authorization calls directly into enterprise apps
  • Integrate "version checking" directly into enterprise apps
  • Provide user and device information to the EASE Server for reporting and tracking

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