IPads Serve Results

David O’Hara, Kokley, Inc.

Restaurants are slow to adopt a lot of things, but for some reason they are early adopters of certain technology. For example, restaurants have proven to be early adopters of utilizing iPads to optimize their operation. More obvious (I figure) is that restaurants are a low margin, high risk business. If your restaurant is not memorable, you are at a disadvantage. One way to deliver a memorable experience is to be first and be different. IPads can serve the purpose.

I have seen charging stations that rival the footprint of a compact car, tablets in restaurants utilizing 5% of their capacity and wine lists at the finest restaurants in Vegas (think big budget) that look like construction-ready devices. But at the end of the day, people talk about the experience of using iPads at restaurants… and that means word-of-mouth revenue!

Order, choose your wine, pick your entrée or provide feedback, iPads are invading restaurants and making an impact.

Todd HoffmanComment