Lowe’s Canada


Trading up to a better, brighter bulb 

Tried to buy a light bulb lately? To make it easier for shoppers to find the right bulb quickly, Lowe's Canada used a simple iPad-powered station. After answering a few easy questions, customers were intuitively led to the exact product match as well as its location in the aisle.

Staples - Kiosk


Making sure no one leaves empty handed.

With instant access to 2 million products, these front-of-store kiosks are much more than a save-the-sale tool. Higher spend, bigger baskets and satisfaction scores in the 90+ range are additional dividends. Before my arrival, this was a Windows-based experience managed by a 3rd party. Going in-house and transitioning to a more mobile-style Android experience has resulted in tremendous cost savings and much improved profitability.

After learning that 90% of kiosk user experiences are associate-led, we rolled out training tools like the one captured in this video to accelerate associate adoption and elevate confidence using this technology.

TUMI @ London Harness


Helping TUMI tap the power of the iPad

TUMI is known for premium travel products as well as premium service. A pair of strategically placed iPads, one at the POS and another in the front of the store, allow shoppers to find the right match from more than 600 SKUs, either on their own or with the help of a store associate.

Staples - mAdvisor app


Helping associates win every sale.

80% of shoppers arrive ready to buy. Yet only 65% typically make an actual purchase. The mAdvisor mobile selling app helps our store associates narrow that gap. We asked managers to share their greatest selling challenges. Then we went to work building new functionality to remove reasons not to buy.

Think price is too high? We can show you what the competition is selling it for and match the price instantly if need be. Or take the example below, where our “Closest Match” tool instantly provides nearest alternatives when a product is out of stock.


Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 4.38.47 PM.png

Reinventing the fitting room experience

How do you turn a task like trying on clothes into a positive customer experience? By first understanding what people don’t like about using fitting rooms and removing the pain points. Need a different size? Simply send a request through the iPad and have a store associate bring it to you. Looking for shoes that match? See suggestions on screen and have them delivered, too.