PROPORT's purpose-built Android tablet is coming soon

Android touch-screens are marching their way into retail stores ... and for good reason.  In many situations they're preferred to the all-mighty iPad and for reasons beyond cost.

Perhaps that's why there's a growing list of manufacturers pitching all sizes of Android tablets. Many are names you've never heard of. But should.

On the Android side, we love Samsung and HP tablets, especially HP's 21" Slate, which is now available in a professional version. Other than its black vs. white finish, I'm not exactly sure what the difference is with the consumer version, which is similarly priced in the $450 range.

But at the smaller, more widely used sizes of 7" and 10" diagonals, there are are two brands that retailers should take a closer look at: 

I've read up on the EDGE, but haven't played with one yet.  However, I did spend a couple weeks with the PROPORT and found myself a fan.. They've taken the bloatware out, so there's less junk to wade through and no delay in reaction times. It runs Android 4.2, which gives you access to the full Google Play store even though you're more likely to load your own enterprise app(s).

PROPORT's 10.1" Android Tablet

PROPORT's 10.1" Android Tablet

More important to me is the casing, which seems to anticipate any and every in-store situation. VESA (75mm) mounting is built right into the backside.  Two side panels are removable to accept peripherals like MSR and bar-code scanners. And the rest of the ports are shielded from customer tampering.

When you can get your hands on one ... or one hundred? The first run of product should be available right after the new year.  In the mean time, you can visit AD Technologies' web site or contact them directly at 231-421-9429.

As for RTC's EDGE line of tablets, to get more information visit their dedicated web site or call 847-640-2396. I haven't held one in-hand, so I'm not prepared to comment.


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