Are you aware that 78% of British women have suffered from "fitting room rage?" True stat. Did the number bring a smile to your face? And a nod of acknowledgement? 

Our shared frustrations with fitting rooms are no laughing matter. They're also top-of-mind at Bloomingdale's. Recently, more than 40 fitting rooms in five Bloomingdale's stores were outfitted with wall-mounted iPads. It's all part of a very ambitious quest, or should I say test, to dramatically change the changing room experience.

Bloomingdales screen.png

While en route to the fitting room, shoppers are greeted by a store associate, who quickly scans the tags on items they'll be trying on.  When they arrive in their assigned fitting room, those items magically appear on the wall-mounted iPad. From there, it's a complete VIP treatment. Need a different size? Want to see it in a different color? Looking for a matching blouse? interested in what their online site recommends to "complete the look?" All are just a tap away.

Bloomingdale's has always been a thought leader and recognized for superior customer service. So it's no surprise that they've taken the lead here. No doubt this will be a trend to follow with many of their peers watching closely.

More than a year of planning and programming preceded the install. And as stated earlier, we've been very much involved from the start. So reach out to us with questions ... or a project of your own.


And why such a high level of interest in fitting rooms? Here are two more stats, courtesy of the New York Times: 65% of shoppers who use a fitting room will head to the register, while only 15% of those who don't will make a purchase.  

To read this week's FORTUNE Magazine article covering this project, click on the "read now" button a couple inches below.

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