How Samsung sees the future of interactive retail

Samsung is betting big on interactive retail. I'm sure they'll dazzle us in January at NRF. But for those who can't wait ... here's a preview of what they've got up their sleeves.

This was produced for the Australian market, but is no less applicable here in the States.

They've certainly taken the omni-channel concept to heart.  From their dominating position in the smartphone space to their gazillion dollar supersized interactive touch screens, they pretty much have the span of devices and form factors covered better than anyone. They've even got mobile print options for in-store as well as back-of-house.

I know January is just around the corner. But if you're like me ... you always browsing for what's new. This brochure is worth a quick read.  If you know of other vendors and materials worth sharing with others ... send them my way.

Todd HoffmanComment