Analytics are the are the real needle-mover.

One of the most powerful rewards of an in-store tablet app is analytics. In fact, many of our customers see the intelligence gained from an in-store iPad system as the largest element of a rapid ROI.


There are a few ways to slice analytics. They can be organized in hierarchy in terms of depth. These are more commonly called key performance indicators (KPIs) and we like to rate them as primary, secondary and forensic. Their names are fairly self-explanatory with KPIs like units per transaction and dollars per transaction being primary. A specific example of secondary analytics using our Smart Room fitting room system is items tried on, but not purchased. Trends in this area can make a dynamic difference with future purchasing and immediate in-store pricing and marketing decisions. At the other end of the continuum are forensic analytics, which are almost always unique to a particular retailer. There are not universal examples since these are so unique to each retailer, but they will be specific to a current campaign or initiative. They might also be monitoring an exact product to an exact demographic integrated with customer loyalty.

Another way we categorize analytics are specific to the use of the in-store iPad system. These are behavioral and transactional. Behavioral analytics tell us how the user (shopper, associate or both) is interacting with the iPad. We can learn where they are spending most of their time and what the exits points are in the app. Transactional analytics are either pulled from the e-commerce or POS integration or a simulated transaction that can lead to conclusions when cross-referenced with transactional reports.

Lastly, an important measurable to ensure the success of a successful in-store iPad system is associate surveys. All the technology in the World will not be worth a penny if it is comfortable for the associates and shoppers. In many ways, this is the most important. How many times have you been in a department or grocery store and experienced the associates complaining about the fancy new technology that makes their jobs harder? For me it is a weekly occurrence.

For Kokley, in-store iPad solutions are not entertainment. They are not to keep the spouse busy while the their husband or wife shops. Our solutions are “needle-movers”. They produce dynamic results and a rapid return on investment. Analytics are a major ingredient in the process.