Enterprise use of tablets is starting to spike; iPads represents 95% of activations @ Good

By Todd Hoffman

Kokley, Inc.

Good Technology recently released its quarterly mobile device activation report and iPads receive top billing.  Among the top findings:

  • For the first time, IOS tablets (iPad and iPad 2) activations outnumbered the total amount of Android smart phones activitated over the same period.
  • While Financial Services led the pack, responsible for nearly half of all iPad activations (46%) by Good technology customers, Retail/Wholesale (the industry we're focused on) came in a respectable 6th place, leaping ahead of Communications, Manufacturing, and even High Tech.
  • IOS tablets represent over 95% of total tablet activations
  •  iPhones represented 66% of all smartphone activations with Android representing 33% of the category. Notice the absolute absence of Blackberry.

The 12-page report, which you can download here, ends with an encouraging observation: "There's increasing interest among our customers ... to use tablets in a variety of "in-store" and field service applications."

We will continue to track Good Technologies' Quarterly Activation Reports, which we're confident will continue to show an increase in iPad adoption by retailers.


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