Apple to Unveil iCloud on Monday, June 6

This could be great news for retailers interested in using iPads as instore kiosks. On June 6th, at WWDC 2011, Apple will unveil "iCloud", which their release simply states is their "upcoming cloud services offering."  Pretty understated, I'd say.

The educated guessers out there (e.g. tech blogosphere) are pretty sure this is going to be another game-changer from Apple.  For our audience, this introduces the ability to activate iPads without tethering them to a computer as well as a simplier method for remotely syncing apps.  Once Apple releases more specifics ... we'll pass them along.  Until then, here's a little teaser that appeared today on TechCrunch:

On iCloud, Baby

MG Siegler

Apple did something really odd today. Something they almost never do. They pre-announced the agenda for the keynote of one of their events, WWDC, taking place next week. Yes, they probably did this in an attempt to set expectations — read: no new iPhone coming — but in doing so, they also managed to do something even stranger: they outed a completely unreleased product. iCloud.

So what is iCloud? Apple only states that it’s their “upcoming cloud services offering.” Of course, a number of other details have been rumored for months now. I figured it was a good time to break down what we know — or what we think we know about what’s coming ....

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