We have thought about this stuff!

As Kokley officially launches it’s blog, I am particularly excited about our “insights” section. This is where we get to offer our expertise to anyone who will listen. I say this with a bit of sarcasm and a bit of confidence knowing that we have some of the brightest bulbs out there. The Kokley team and our partners have worked around the globe with major brands and led our niche with innovative solutions. I hesitate from calling what we do an industry, because it is truly a specialty.

Kokley does not develop mobile apps; we develop in-store apps. We consider integrated hardware and software solutions to create experiences. We focus on topics such as shopper behavior and confidence. Our goals go beyond ROI, as we benchmark KPIs like DPC, UPC and conversion ratios. We provide an end-to-end solution called Kokley Complete. Our ongoing system management platform, Kokley Connect, allows on demand control of thousands of iPads globally. Ultimately, we have brought together a team that turns an interdisciplinary process into an integrated solution. We are not a fit for every need, but we are a needle-mover when the chemistry is right.