One highlight from the toddler year

Thinking back on 2011, I recall a year where iPads became more common in stores. If 2010 was the year when iPads where in their infancy as in-store devices, 2011 was the toddler years. It was a time when I was happy to see more and more stores tap into the power of the iPad in brick and mortar, but it was also a bit frustrating to see so many retailers implement iPads in such an underutilized way.

One of the highlights was JB Brown’s team at Nordstom Innovation Lab. It is worth checking out their “flash build” video on You Tube. It is almost seven minutes long, but it is worth the time. In some ways it is less exciting that they developed an iPad app in real time and more energizing to see their approach. The app is one small piece of the puzzle when implementing an iPad system in-store, but the video is still inspirational. Check it out: