Greatest InfoGraphic Ever!

I'm fascinated by infographics. Everything about them. Well, here's the ultimate infographic ... about infographics.  Best to view it on a laptop. You'll soon see why.

What is it that makes them magical? It's all here. Not just stats about visual processing speeds and how we all suffer from information overload.  But this specific infographic uses Parallax scrolling, so it's even more engaging than most. 

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Todd HoffmanComment
Wayfair CEO predicts 1/3 of all retail sales will be online

Currently, online sales hover around 7% of the total. But with 73 million millennials taking over the coveted 20-40 year-old spending space, it's quite possible that he'll be right. 

Consider, too, that millenials are 250% more likely than baby boomers to shop online.

"Shopping can be both fun and fast," writes Niraj Shah -- WayFair CEO. "Driving several miles to a big-box store in hopes that they might have just what you are looking for is neither." 

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